How can we increase our revenue performance?

  • Provide SyndiGate with content that requires some sort of subscription, or is otherwise behind a paywall;
  • If you have a dedicated print and a dedicated online version of your publication, provide both, to maximise the revenue potential;
  • Agree to the broadest rights requested by SyndiGate within our standard Content License Agreement;
  • Ensure you are deliverng your content in a timely manner (either before, or as soon as it it published);
  • Ensure you are providing SyndiGate with every staff generated article (or other content item); and
  • Ensure that SyndiGate has the latest marketing information for your publication or content service

There are various factors which can negatively effect and/or delay performance of the content we license, including:

  • The amount of time it takes us to successfully market your content to a customer;
  • The amount of time it takes a customer to launch your content to subscribers or end-users once they have agreed to license it from us;
  • Slow reporting (our core customers for your content generally report royalties 60-90 days following the end of each billing period);
  • Shared customers (you may already be providing your content to many of the same core customers we provide content to); and
  • Content that is niche, or low-volume, or in-frequent, or non-English language, which can struggle in terms of usage and therefore royalty performance.